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Mrs. Zabkowicz

Mrs. Zabkowicz always wanted to be a teacher.  Her aunt was her role model for teaching, as she was a Teacher/Principal in the Cambria-Friesland School District for many years.  She started her teaching career as a K-8 Music Teacher in 1976,   She moved to Beaver Dam in 1978, to become a 3rd Grade Teacher at South Beaver Dam.   Having grown up in Friesland, about 30 miles away, she felt like she was "coming home".   In 1980, she began what turned into a 15-year break, to be a full-time Mom to her three kids. During those years, she was also a piano and guitar teacher, Choir Director at Peace Lutheran, Sunday School Song Leader, Discovery Toys Rep., and a Substitute Teacher.    In 1995, she went back to teaching, Part-time Music.   In 2002, she took a full-time position at 2nd Grade back at South Beaver Dam, but found that she again needed to take a break due to cancer.  Once her treatment was completed, she went back to 2nd Grade, a position she held for 12 years.   In 2014, she retired, but has always remained Music Person at Peace Lutheran, and a piano and guitar teacher.  Her children are now grown adults, Bryan (34), Todd (32), and Megan (27).   Her boys are Opera Singers, and live in Germany and Switzerland, giving her an excuse to go over there as often as possible. Her daughter lives and works in the Madison area.

Being retired, she found that she was missing teaching very much.  When she was given the opportunity to teach Part-Time here at SKDS, it seemed like a perfect match.   She now teaches Spanish for Grades 6-7-8 and Reading/Language Arts for Grade 6.  She thinks teaching is the best job in the world!  She loves watching her students grow in their skills, and see the "light bulbs" turn on.   Teaching at SKDS is very fulfilling!   It's a fantastic learning community to be a part of!  I'm excited to be a small part of it!     

 A few websites that I would like to share:

Mrs. Zabkowicz's Recommended Web Sites Spanish website

Spanish website Spanish website-in Spanish Spanish website-in English



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