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Mrs. Kaiser

Mrs. Ruth Kaiser has been at SKDS since August 1995. She is the Librarian/Information Specialist. She has weekly Library classes with students in 4K through grade 5. She also assists in the teaching of online research skills for grades 6 through 8 as requested by other teachers. In addition to teaching research skills both with traditional texts as well as online, she also teaches digital citizenship and online safety. She works closely with teachers in all curriculum areas, always evaluating needs when selecting library books to supplement classroom materials.

Prior to her service at SKDS, Mrs. Kaiser taught at Pardeeville High School for five years (ninth grade English for one year, Librarian for four years). She spent 12 years away from the workforce to raise her children. She and her husband, Bob, have been married over 35 years. They have four adult children: Therese, Geoff, Sarah, and Breanna.
The family has recently been growing with the arrival of grandchildren.

Mrs. Kaiserís words of advice for students: ďYou canít always expect to be the best, but youíll never regret trying your best. Also, youíll never be truly happy if you always try to be what you think others want you to be; you need to be true to yourself.Ē

Mrs. Kaiserís words of advice for parents: ďThere is only so much I can cover with only one 45 minute class per week up through fifth grade. Therefore, it is vitally important that YOU help guide and teach your children on these topics at home. If you are feeling a bit unsure of how to sift through all the information available, donít hesitate to contact me and ask for help. I will gladly schedule a time when we can meet to discuss your needs, and I will do my best to point you in the direction of the information you need.Ē


Recommended websites:

Common Sense Media ( has a wealth of information, including reviews for games, movies, books, apps, etc. Included with those reviews is the appropriate age level. Register on the site for the most complete information. 

Read Aloud ( has information about the importance of reading aloud to children. Only 15 minutes a day will have a big impact on a childís success. Spread the word!

 Wired Safety ( offers online safety information and help. Currently the site is undergoing some changes, so some links are not fully functional. However, donít let that stop you from looking for information. Not only does Wired Safety provide information about the use of technology in todayís world, but it offers real help to those who are suffering from online abuse.

Mrs. Kaiserís Digital Literacy links on Pinterest ( ).

Mrs. Kaiserís wiki which contains information and links specific to each grade level:  (Note: This is always a work in progress and there may be dead links while the pages are updated.)


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