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Ms. Henderson

Ms. Mary Henderson is our Counselor here at St. Katharine Drexel School; she has been here since the fall of 2005. Among other things, Ms. Henderson likes to teach the importance of relationships and getting along with each other, no matter how different we are or how much we may disagree with each other. She likes to make her time with the kids as fun and humorous as possible.

Ms. Henderson lives in Beaver Dam. She enjoys doing anything creative and artistic. She also loves to read. She admitted, “Sometimes a great book can become a problem when I am supposed to do other things." She has a small garden at her house, and shares a very large garden at her Mom’s home.

Ms. Henderson’s words of advice for students: “Keep an open mind."

Her favorite quotation? “The mind is like a parachute—it will only work when opened.”

Ms. Henderson's Recommended Web Sites


Our local library. Great info. and free books! Check out a great festival, culture, and heritage. Discover the “integrated structure organized around a unifying center.”

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