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Mrs. Armstrong

Mrs. Kathy Armstrong is one of the 4K teachers. She has been teaching here since 1989, which she said is, “A long time of learning!” Prior to her years at St. Katharine Drexel School, Mrs. Armstrong taught for six years at River Hills School in Iowa for physically and educationally challenged children.

Mrs. Armstrong is also the Primary Assistant. She enjoys interacting with all the students at the Primary level and serving the families of those students. Mrs. Armstrong believes, “We have awesome families at our school and the partnership in teaching the children to grow spiritually, intellectually, psychologically, physically and socially is a rewarding experience. Together we make our school great!”

When asked why she became a teacher, Mrs. Armstrong replied, “My grandmother was a teacher. I was encouraged by her and by my other grandparents and parents to follow my dream. I grew up with nine brothers and sisters, so I was always teaching someone something and learning something, too. I love to spend time with children. You can learn the most interesting things about life hanging out with a child -- no matter what age!”

Mrs. Armstrong loves being a teacher. She said, “I love the students and the families I have the opportunity to come in contact with. Each child that walks into my classroom is a gift from God. Each child has something to offer and share.”

Originally born and raised in Iowa (“Go Hawkeyes!”), Mrs. Armstrong and her husband, Greg, have four wonderful children, Grant, Collin, Klara and Caroline. A long-time supporter of SKDS, she and Greg figured out that they have had one or more of their children enrolled at St. Katharine Drexel School for 20 years (“YEAH!!!”).  Mrs. Armstrong is now proud Grandma to four (one on the way in February) awesome grandchildren.  She has her own little classroom at home now, too!

In her spare time, Mrs. Armstrong enjoys painting. She said, however, “Sorry, I am not for hire to paint the outside of your home this summer!  J”  Mrs. Armstrong also enjoys reading, sewing and spending time with her family. She loves going to all the events the grandchildren have and spending time with family.  Family is everything!

Mrs. Armstrong’s advice for her young students: “Love with all your heart. And READ! Have your family read to you every day and soon you will be reading to your family.”

Mrs. Armstrong’s favorite quotation: “Love one another as God has loved you.”


Q. Do you have before and after school care?

A. Yes.  We offer this service through the YMCA, called SACC (School Age Child Care), which has several sites throughout the city. For more information on the program contact the YMCA.
For families in the 4K program and our 3 year old preschool program, we offer an Extend-A-Day program. This versatile Extend-A-Day is an optional extension to both programs.  For morning 4K students and 3 year old preschool students, class is from 8:15 until 11:00AM. and Extend-A-Day is from 11:00 until 3:15.  For afternoon 4K students, Extend-A-Day is offered from 8:10 until 12:15 and class is from 12:15 until 3:00PM.

4K students may participate in the Extend-A-Day program one day a week, or up to five days a week. For three year old preschool, Extend Day is only available opposite their class days on Monday and Wednesday. The rate for Extend-A-Day is $12 per day plus $2.25 for school lunch (students may bring a cold lunch and purchase milk for .40). Schedules must be turned in on a weekly basis for each following week.

Our Extend-A-Day Coordinator works closely with our Early childhood teachers to reinforce, enrich, and expand the learning that occurs in those classes. There is also a rest period, recess, story time, etc. included in the daily schedule for Extend-A-Day. 
Click here YMCA SACC (School Age Child Care) Program for more information.


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