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Our Staff
Ms. Crombie
Mrs. Eilbes
Mrs. Ellefson
Ms. Henderson
Ms. Hoch
Mrs. Jacobs
Mrs. Jenkins
Ms. Lockwood
Ms. Lopas
Miss Meyer
Mrs. Meyer
Mrs. Milfred
Mrs. Pokey
Mrs. Puleo
Mrs. Rechek
Mrs. Richard
Mrs. Scott
Mrs. Turner
Mrs. Warmka
Mrs. Wilson
Support Staff


*Professional photos on staff pages provided by Life Touch. 

Other photos were taken by SKDS Staff.

Staff Listing, 2017-2018 

Principal/Administrator Ms. Barbara M. Haase

Administrative Assistant Preschool - 3 Ms. Jennifer Crombie
Administrative Assistant Grades 4-8 Mrs. Margaret Scott

2 Day Preschool, 4K PM, Room #204 - Mrs. Ashley Eilbes
4K AM Room #206 - Mrs. Andrea Rechek
Kindergarten/Room #203 - Mrs. Tina Ellefson
Extend-A-Day/Room #207 - Mrs. Kate Richard/Mrs. Claudia Ramirez
                                      Mrs. Kristy Zydzki
Grade 1/Room #213 - Miss Megan Meyer
Grade 2/Room #214 - Ms. Jennifer Crombie
Grade 3/Room #215 - Mrs. Dona Turner
Grade 4/Room #316 - Mrs. Jamie Jacobs
Grade 5/Room #317 - Mrs. Sarah Puleo
Grade 6-8/Room #305 - Mrs. Susan Pokey
Grade 6-8/Room #304 - Mrs. Margaret Scott
Grade 6-8/Room #301 - Mrs. Elaine Meyer

Reading Resource-Learning Differences/Room #302 - Ms. Jackie Lockwood
Spanish 6-8/Reading 6-7/Language 6/Room #311 - Mrs. Damaris Milfred
Library/Room #s 209, 318 - Ms. Kimberly Lopas
Art/Room #312 - Mrs. Loreli Jenkins
Vocal Music, Chorus & Music Enrichment - Ms. Kathy Hoch
Instrumental Music - Ms. Kimberly Lopas
Physical Ed / Health - Mrs. Lori Warmka

Support Staff
Classroom Aides - Mrs. Chris Bedker
                         Mrs. Bobbie Sue Schwartz
Learning Resource Grades 1-3 - Ms. Margaret Sadoski
Learning Resource Grades 6-8 - Mrs. Barbara Kalscheur

Tech Resource/Room #211 - Mrs. Judy Wilson
Counselor/Room #315 - Ms. Mary Henderson
Secretaries - Mrs. Patrice Schmitt
                  Mrs. Rose Klavekoske
Food Service - Mrs. Mary Strauss, (Head of Food Service)
                     Mrs. Maralee Ahrens
Maintenance - Mr. Nathan Eggers, (Head of Maintenance)
                    Mrs. Theresa Wolf
                    Mr. Jonah Wolf
Supervisors - Mrs. Christine Bedker

Parish Office
Pastors - Rev. Mike Erwin
             Rev. Erick Cassiano-Amaya
Director of Administrative Services & Stewardship - Barbara Heinzen
Secretaries - Manny Osorio, Elisa Budde, Claudia Ramirez
Parish Bookkeeper - Sarah O'Brion
Director of Evangelization - Kristin Adsit
Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry- John Pryme
Hispanic Ministry - Rosalia Villalba-Osorio
Director of Music & Liturgy - Tanya Diggins
Sacristan - Coletta Cody
Scrip Coordinators - Allison Seufzer
Deacons - Ed Cody
               Randy Wells
Parish Nurse - Y
a-Fen S. Szczesny

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