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Fund Raising

Evening of Glitz


FootballMania 2016-2017 Sweepstakes

2016-2017 FootballMania - 10 week season is back!

 Did you know Footballmania has helped St. Katharine Drexel raise over $320,000 in profit in the past 11 seasons? SKDS profits $14 for every ticket sold.  This is a fantastic fundraiser for St. Katharine Drexel!  This year we hope to raise over $20,000 in this fun, entertaining sweepstakes raffle.  Profit is directed straight to the daily operation of our school.  Please consider buying a ticket for yourself and as gifts!  They make excellent “back-to-college” gifts, birthday gifts, and anytime gifts

 Thank you so much for your support!  Your generosity has made a real impact on the ability for SKDS to continue providing a Quality, Faith-filled Catholic Education to the children of St. Katharine Drexel Parish. 

 If you need more information, want to buy or are willing to sell tickets, contact: Mike Kaul 885-3964, Beth Jewell 763-4963, Jill Kaufmann 344-1352, the Parish Center 887-2082, the School Office 885-5558 or any SKD School Family.


2016-2017 Sweepstakes Winners

Please note that winners can expect payment
 2 to 3 weeks following posting.




Ticket # Winner City
2887 Joseph Scholz West Bend, WI
2977 Jeremy Smith Beaver Dam, WI
1646 Jessica Krans Waupun, WI
2472 Sharon Hupf Hancock, WI
1636 John Rezutek Juneau, WI
2034 Joe Komer Tacoma, WA
3907 Amy Diljak Beaver Dam, WI
690 Brenda Bockhorst Watertown, WI
2159 Dave Fister Beaver Dam, WI
2156 Vickie Kaul Beaver Dam, WI
803 Lois Levenhagen Beaver Dam, WI

Random Winner

3906 Kyle/Sarah Diels Beaver Dam, WI


Ticket # Winner City
2774 Kate Meyer Beaver Dam, WI
848 Sue Wallintin Beaver Dam, WI

Random Winner

3949 Kevin Rohde Beaver Dam, WI


Ticket # Winner City
101 Harry Mannning Beaver Dam, WI
912 Jim Kulka Beaver Dam, WI
636 Eric/Tammy McCarthy Sun Prairie, WI
3380 Joe Haas Beaver Dam, WI
2979 Ena Smith Beaver Dam, WI
1615 Mark Born Beaver Dam, WI

Random Winner

28 Harold Moylan Beaver Dam, WI


Ticket # Winner City
258 Jeff Kaiser Beaver Dam, WI
3316 JT Taylor Madison, WI
3082 Hank Nunn Tacoma, WA
430 Ross Canniff Juneau, WI
1552 Ginger Behring Beaver Dam, WI
182 Pat Przekurat Beaver Dam, WI
3365 Jim Flynn Beaver Dam, WI

Random Winner

3907 Dave /Amy Diljak Beaver Dam, WI


Ticket # Winner City
830 Dave/Jan Bilgri Beaver Dam, WI
676 Corrine Hammer Beaver Dam, WI
816 Bruce Samuelson Tustin, MI
3953 Patty Schmitt Beaver Dam, WI
803 Lois Levenhagen Beaver Dam, WI

Random Winner

3948 Jodee Rechek Beaver Dam, WI


Ticket # Winner City
2499 Sandy Brooks Beaver Dam, WI
239 Robert Ganske Beaver Dam, WI
3330 Rory Rose Madison, WI
1825 S. Allan Lammers Madison, AL

Random Winner

1790 Joy Schliewe Beaver Dam, WI


Ticket # Winner City
1775 Alex Garcia Chicago, IL
824 Molly Krause Stevens Point, WI
1777 Linda Smith Pritchard Beaver Dam

Random Winner

599 Paula Tomashek Beaver Dam


Ticket # Winner City
3310 Denise Hamann Madison, WI
3249 Tammy Eilbes Beaver Dam
214 Elisa Budde Beaver Dam
2470 GOB Friendship, WI
192 Eddie Campnell Beaver Dam
58 Tammy Coker Sauk City, WI
874 Marlene Krezinski Beaver Dam
3356 Wade Fletcher Beaver Dam
1787 Joy Schliewe Beaver Dam
3929 Ryan Kaul Beaver Dam
3091 Stuart Pickell Tacoma, WA

Random Winner

3918 Tracey Gundert Beaver Dam


Ticket # Winner City
2502 Monica Planasch Juneau, WI
3329 Clark Olson Madison, WI
2162 JT Kaul Beaver Dam
51 Cail Niesh Sun Prairie, WI
551 Liz Schuh Wausau, WI
2841 Dale Herbers Beaver Dam
226 Hayley Brooks Beaver Dam
5 Sara Koller Lake City, MN
3340 Patty Kasten Ripon, WI

Random Winner

3954 Mark/Kelly Simon Beaver Dam


Ticket # Winner City
6162 Debbie Braun Beaver Dam
2471 G.O.B. Friendship, WI
55 Kathie Dikeman Fond du Lac, WI
1764 Garry Errthun Columbus, WI
2920 Glenn Schultz Beaver Dam
840 Dr. Bill Hoch Bozeman, MT
2174 Tim/Brenda Kaufmann Manitowoc, WI
668 Tom Budde Beaver Dam
251 Margie Kline Beaver Dam
611 Randy Rautenberg Beaver Dam
847 Steve Haase Beaver Dam

Random Winner

41 Jennifer White Lake City, MN

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